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For decades, the teaching method has remained unchanged. Pioneer Educare mission is to redefine and evolve the way people have been teaching and learning for decades.

A superior learning & teaching experience for students and
teachers by integrating skilled teachers, interesting content, and
cutting—edge technology.

Our tutoring platform allows a teacher and a student to engage in
real time. Individual and group classes are available. A teacher can provide
personalized instruction by employing two-way audio, video, and white
boarding features, which allow both the teacher and the student to see,
hear, write, and interact in real time. On the other hand the home tuition
facility provides a personal touch to the learning process.

Why Pioneer Educare is best
Solution for Education

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CS Executive Level

ACCA-All Levels


11 & 12 Accounts, Economics

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Home Tutions

Learning in the Comforts of Home

Free from the Frequent Visits of Class

AUG 11 2018@12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Our Curriculum how to build a complete

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I have had the pleasure of enrolling my child in Pioneer Educare for onsite tuition, and I must say it has been an outstanding experience. The coaching institution truly lives up to its name, providing excellent education and care to its students.
The classes at Pioneer Educare have been beneficial for my child. The institute has a well-structured curriculum that covers all the necessary topics and ensures comprehensive learning. The teachers are knowledgeable and dedicated, providing individual attention to each student.
Jane Doe
One of the standout features of Pioneer Educare is their provision of home tuition. The tutors provided by the institute are highly skilled and experienced. They tailor the lessons according to my child's specific needs and provide additional support where required.

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